illumilok Dance Floors

Illumilok RGB LED Dance Floor Hire

Hire this stunning Illumilok Dance Floor

New to the industry and officially the first company able to offer the Illumilok dance floor.

Each LED light on the dance floor is fully controllable. Each LED is colour chaging allowing you to match any colour of your choice.

Be one of the first to hire this stunning RGB Pixel dance floor. Creat effect, project images and videos.

The Uk's largest Illumilok dance floor supplier.


RGB video dance floor

Manufactured in The UK

32768 colour combinations.

Illumilok® can be used with other UK Events floors such as Publok.

At a height of only 3cm off the floor using sloped edging there are no trip or H&S issues!

Quick and easy assembly using the tool free brickwork pattern.

Screen capture of images and colours to match(Madrix)

Company logos and names can be projected on to the floor

Messages and animations can be projected of the wall.

Limitless self-programmed image and patterns can be achieved.

Self addressing Technology.

DMX controllable.

Full individual control of each Pixel including dimming and colour changing.

Power supply: drawing 110v(8A max) - 230v(4A max).

ESLV compliant - 20’x20’ floor: 8.5A at 58v peak/24’x24’ floor: 16A at 58v peak


illumilok rgB Ppixel dance floor